We Hit Windrock to Forget That Winter Freeze

A rare warm winter day sent us packing to our favorite OHV park.

The views from our favorite secret overlook at Windrock Park are nothing short of astounding.Aaron Richardson

With Christmas in the rearview mirror, we’re truly into the depths of winter’s chill and days that seem impossibly short. Even with the solstice behind us, we’ve got a couple months of short days left to endure.

It may be an OHV park first and foremost, but Windrock has some seriously beautiful lunch spots tucked away among the trails.Aaron Richardson

Lucky for us, we got a rare warm day just before the holidays in the east Tennessee hills, and headed to Windrock Park with three excellent rigs and two people who are just cutting their teeth in side-by-sides. Each of the newbies had spent at least some time off the pavement, but Windrock is another animal.

Suffice to say that after a few hours ripping around some of the choicest cuts in the park’s 300-mile network, we had two new UTV devotees on our hands. The day was somehow both muddy and dusty, and nobody came back clean, but those are always the best days.

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