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Take Your Yamaha YXZ To The Next Level

A YXZ1000R owner’s gift guide

When the Yamaha YXZ1000R hit the market just a few short years ago, its unique design took the market by storm. Since that time, many great parts and accessories have dropped, giving owners the option to customize their YXZ to meet their specific needs. Perhaps you’re in search of a gift for your favorite YXZ owner, or maybe you’ve just decided to reward yourself. Either way, we’ve got five great ideas that will help elevate the Yamaha YXZ1000R to the next level!

GYTR Torque Assist Gear Kit

If your YXZ spends more time on the trails than the dunes, this gear reduction kit is for you. With a 70-percent reduction in first gear and 30 percent overall, this is the ultimate accessory for negotiating tight, technical trails. Included is a new MCU (shift computer), machined case, bearings, precision-cut gears, speedometer recalibration, and gaskets. This kit is 100-percent bolt-on!

GYTR Turbo Kit

If you’re looking for the most complete turbo kit on the market for your YXZ1000R, look no further than this Genuine Yamaha kit. The heart of the beast is a Garrett GT2860RS turbocharger. It’s paired with a water-to-air intercooler to keep the heat down and preserve that Yamaha reliability. Other notable parts include GYTR connecting rods, a TIG-welded header and airbox, and everything else needed to make it rip! The kit offers up to a 60-percent increase in power and is 50-state compliant!

DASA YXZ1000R Exhaust System

DASA’s aftermarket exhaust system starts with three equal-length, stepped head pipes that dump into an aluminum canister with an integrated spark arrestor. The system is 100-percent TIG welded and offers an 8-pound weight savings and a 10-percent increase in power!

GYTR Four-Point Harnesses

If you’re looking for an easy-to-install harness system for a YXZ, look no further than this GYTR accessory. When the terrain gets rough, there’s nothing like the feeling of a harness over a typical automotive-style restraint. Unlike others on the market, this system retains the correct operation of the driver’s side seatbelt indicator.

Yamaha Front Grab Bars

The Yamaha Front Grab Bar has rugged styling and is machined from durable, welded steel sheet and tube. It’s designed to add protection to the front end from rocks, trees, branches, and other debris, and can also be used in conjunction with compatible winches. Yamaha Genuine Accessories always delivers the highest fit, finish, and style.

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