Atturo Is Changing the Game With Its Trail Hazard Tire Protection

All-new Trail Blade SxS tires will be fully covered for 24 months.

The Atturo Trail Hazard protection will cover all Trail Blade tires for 24 months.Att

So you’ve just bought a new set of tires for your side-by-side. Depending on the quality of tire, you would have spent a few hundred dollars per tire. Then as soon as you get it on a trail with its new shoes, boom. You run right into a rock and it blows the tire. Usually, that just means you’ve thrown away the money you spent on the tire and then have to go buy a new one, but Atturo just changed that.

Atturo just unveiled its Trail Hazard tire protection, which insures your new tires for 24 months. With every new set of Trail Blade tires purchased, Atturo will cover the tires no matter the situation. Whether you damage the tire on dirt, pavement, sand, or mud, Atturo will repair it at no cost to you. And if the tire is irreparable, then the company will just send you a brand-new tire.

This is a game-changer for powersports tires. Every Trail Blade tire is insured for two years after buying them; there is no additional cost to the buyer, no registration required, and all you need is proof of purchase to make a claim. Let’s hope that other tire brands will follow in Atturo’s footsteps.

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