Cardo Introduces Packtalk Adapter for Half Helmets

Cardo introduces comms for half helmets and Shoei applications.

Cardo’s new mounting kit lets half-helmet users install a Cardo Packtalk.Cardo

We’ve been a big fan of Cardo Packtalk helmet communicators for a few years, but the systems’ biggest limitation has been that they only work for riders wearing full-face helmets. If you’re riding with a group of people who wear half helmets, open-face designs, or automotive three-quarter lids, the communicators are a no-go. Until now. Cardo Systems just released an adapter system that will let you install the Packtalk Edge, Packtalk Neo, and Packtalk Custom on open-face helmets. At the same time, the company introduced a mounting kit for the Shoei Neotec, GT-Air II, and J-Cruise II helmets.

Cardo’s Shoei mounting kit works with the helmet’s integrated mounting point to let users fit a Cardo system onto a Shoei Neotec, GT-Air, or J-Cruise helmet.Cardo

That opens up a huge range of new options for the Cardo Packtalk lineup, and means your whole group can now be linked up on long trail rides. The half-helmet kit uses a built-in boom microphone in place of the remote mic that normally sits inside the chin bar of your helmet. The cord connecting the mic to the rest of the unit is also shortened to accommodate the different helmet shape.

The Shoei kit is designed to mesh with Shoei’s built-in mounting area to make the Packtalk and Shoei shell shapes compatible. If you have a Shoei helmet, the Cardo mounting kit is just $19.95. For the half-helmet kit, you’ll need to shell out $59.95.

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