Gaia GPS Gets a Key Redesign

GPS nav app gets an update for Android and iOS.

Gaia GPS has made adding a waypoint way easier with its latest redesign.Gaia GPS

Gaia GPS is one of our favorite navigation apps when we don’t have access to an onboard navigation system like Polaris Ride Command. It’s always been super accurate, detailed, and has great offline functionality. Whether you’re using it as a reference or step-by-step directions, it’s an excellent tool. That said, it has always been a tad clunky to use. The company says its recent redesign has changed that, making it many times easier to locate yourself on the map, add waypoints, take geotagged photos, record your activity, and download maps for offline use.

The update also made saving maps for offline use much easier.Gaia GPS

Waypoints are now as simple as tapping the big green plus button in the bottom right of the screen and tapping the pin. Locating yourself means hitting the green arrow on the bottom left. Want to download maps for offline? Easy. Hit the map layers button, tap “save offline maps,” select the region you want to save, and rock on. Make sure you leave “include data to create and navigate routes offline” toggled on. That will let you create routes with snap-to trail mapping while offline.

Gaia has tons of other functions and is available in your favorite app store. There are millions of GPS navigators out there, but we love Gaia for its detail and simplicity.

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