iKamper ReCovery Collection Is Made of Rooftop Tents

Tough-as-nails gear that keeps material out of a landfill.

iKamper’s shop apron.Zach Bowman

If you’re familiar with rooftop tents, you’ve probably heard of iKamper. The company makes all manner of high-end camping gear, from a $4,200, four-person rooftop tent to clever cooking systems designed to make life in the sticks a little more civilized. But the manufacturer’s newest line of gear is something different. The ReCovery Collection uses materials from the tent manufacturing process that would have otherwise been scrapped and gives them new life. Right now, the line includes a tote, a firewood carrier, a poncho, and a shop apron.

Nice details, plenty of pockets.Zach Bowman

iKamper sent us those last two, and while we were properly skeptical of an $80 apron and a $100 rain slicker, we admit we’re impressed by the quality. It shouldn’t be a shock, as iKamper’s tents are made to stand up to the elements, but the apron is light and comfortable, with plenty of deep, handy pockets. We’ve been bashing around the shop in the thing for more than a week, and it still looks new, even after standing up to a few hours of close-proximity grinding on our project Willys CJ-2A. Sure, it makes you look like a French baker, but it keeps your clothes clean.

The poncho to end all ponchos.Zach Bowman

The poncho is massive, with wide arm openings and Velcro closures for accessing your pockets. It feels tough as nails, though we’ve only splashed around in the rain a bit here and there. Still, it will likely live in the truck for those surprise thunderstorms that are coming this way. At $100, it’s pricey, but odds are you’ll give it to your grandkids one day.

Head over to the iKamper site for a look at the rest of the lineup.

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