Check Out These Carbon Fiber Wheels From Moose Utility

Have the best-handling rig in the hay barn with these feathery carbon rollers.

The Moose Utility 325X carbon fiber utility wheel.Moose Utility

This one feels weird coming from a parts supplier’s utility division, but Moose Racing’s Moose Utility Division just released a set of forged carbon UTV wheels. They look super slick, are featherlight at 8 pounds, 14 ounces per wheel, and Moose claims that thanks to high-pressure carbon forging, they’re as strong as an aluminum wheel.

As you would expect, they aren’t cheap, at $779.95 per wheel, not including the $29.95 special lug nuts the wheels require. They’re available in either a 4 x 136mm bolt pattern or a 4 x 156mm bolt pattern, so they’ll fit a bunch of rigs from a bunch of different OEMs. While these things are super cool and will definitely reduce your unsprung weight, we’re not sure how much they’ll do for you other than give you reams of cool points and indisputable bragging rights.

Check them out at Moose Utility.

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