Make Your Xpedition More Capable With the SuperATV Lift Kit

Lift the Polaris Xpedition with billet aluminum 3-inch spacers.

Lift your Xpedition with SuperATV’s billet aluminum lift kit.SuperATV

If side-by-side owners know about anything, it’s modifying their rigs. You seldom see a stock RZR or X3 on the trail, but aftermarket support for newer vehicles like the Polaris Xpedition is limited. Luckily, SuperATV doesn’t wait around when it comes to rolling out products for new side-by-sides. SuperATV has just released its first lift kit for the Xpedition, adding 3 inches of ride height with billet aluminum spacers.

If you’re not familiar with how spacers work, the kit comes with four machined aluminum rings that fit in between the upper and lower springs of your coilover shocks. The spacer essentially preloads the spring, instantly increasing ride height. Spacers are not a fully engineered solution in the way that a full suspension lift is, and can put extra stress on your stock suspension and axles or cause misalignment to other suspension parts like sway bars. One claimed benefit of this kit for the Xpedition is, however, that the steering gear remains stock and this maintains the stock tight turning radius, even with larger tires. Some lift kits require steering stops to be installed and these increase the turning radius.

The 3-inch spacers fit in the suspension to add ride height.SuperATV

Spacers still definitely have their place due to ease of installation and extremely low cost: This kit is $199.95. Quality full suspension kits can reach thousands of dollars for the parts and have significantly higher installation costs.

If you want to check out the lift kit, head over to

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