Check Out Our Rhino USA Trail Gear

We never leave the trailhead without our excellent Rhino USA gear.

We have spent the last couple of years testing and reviewing all manner of tool organization and recovery gear storage solutions on our trips around the country. We’ve tried everything from a massive, heavy duffel bag full of straps and tools to organized, hard-sided boxes.

Everything felt like a compromise until we found Rhino USA. Their Cordura nylon bags are damn near indestructible, and they’re simple, no-nonsense affairs that don’t needlessly tack on bells and whistles you’ll never use.

Their recovery gear is similarly excellent and easy to use. We take four of their burly soft shackles and a 5/8-inch kinetic rope out with us, and it’s all packed away into a compact Rhino carry bag.

And, before you dismiss this as breathless advertising for a product we were given for free, let us assure you: We paid retail price for all of the gear you see here. It’s that good. Check it out in the video below and then do us a favor and like the video and subscribe to our YouTube channel.

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