System 3 Off-Road Launches New 35-Inch Sand and Snow Tires

The company adds to its ever-expanding SS360 tire lineup.

System 3 Off-Road expands its SS360 tire lineup with two 35-inch sizes.System 3 Off-Road

Tire manufacturer System 3 Off-Road is expanding its big tire offerings with the debut of the 35-inch SS360 sand and snow tires. What works on one surface works on the other, and the interlocking, near-paddle tire promises performance on both. The tires are available in 35 x 11-15 and 35 x 13-15, the former ringing in at 35.1 inches tall and the latter at 35.2 inches tall. No word yet on measured widths. System 3 Off-Road claims the new SS360s adhere to the fundamentals of traction, strength, and style.

We’ve had our fair share of seat time running 35-inch tires and know they pay massive dividends on a variety of terrain. The trickier it gets, the more big tires help. These SS360s look well-suited to their intended surfaces, with the two-ply carcass allowing for solid cornering traction and straight-line grip. However, System 3 Off-Road doesn’t recommend the 35-inch tire for 200-plus horsepower UTVs. System 3 Off-Road’s new offerings run $331 per tire for the 35 x 11-15 and $351 for the 35 x 13-15. Finding a retailer can be done on distributor Tucker’s website, and more information can be found on the System 3 Off-Road page for the tire.

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