Wet Sounds Releases New Stealth XT Sound Bars

Sound bars have 300W built-in amp, can be linked via Bluetooth.

The Wet Sounds Stealth XT 12-B 300W sound bar.Wet Sounds

Wet Sounds has just introduced a series of UTV sound bars with a 300W built-in amplifier that are Bluetooth enabled to link with other Wet Sounds sound bars up to 35 feet away. The bars come in six, eight, or 12-speaker configurations, and can be linked with up to three other sound bars.

Wet Sounds has its own mounting system for the Stealth XT and its other sound bars, and the units all come with a fused power and ground wiring harness. The unit is controlled by a backlit panel between the two speaker banks that is set off with red, blue, or green accent lighting. There’s also a dome light built into the bars.

There is a 3.5mm aux input, a 3.5mm line out, an IPD67-rated remote, and the sound bars themselves are weatherproofed and rated for outdoor use. The Wet Sounds Stealth XT 6-B retails for $699.99, the Stealth XT 8-B retails for $799.99, and the XT 12-B retails for $899.99. Check out the Stealth XT lineup and the rest of Wet Sounds offerings here.

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