Heat-Proof Your Axles With Assault Industries Axles & Grease

The high-temp grease can withstand temperatures up to 586.4 degrees Fahrenheit.

The Assault Industries Phoenix axle grease has been tested up to 586.4 degrees Fahrenheit.Assault Industries

One of the things that you just have to accept when off-roading is that you’re going to break parts. Whether that’s popped tires, broken radius rods, or bent axles, it’s going to happen. That’s why companies like SuperATV and Assault Industries offer stronger components to strengthen the most vulnerable parts on your side-by-side. Such as Assault Industries’ Phoenix axles and high-temp grease, which work together to protect your axles against heat damage during heavy off-roading.

Strengthen your rig with chromoly axles.Assault Industries

The secret to the axles is the high-temp grease, which has been tested up to 586.4 degrees Fahrenheit. If you don’t know, that’s 60 percent hotter than the stock axle grease can handle on most side-by-sides. But overheating isn’t the only thing that destroys axles, as they can get bent from sudden throttle input, harshly grabbing traction, and regular wear and tear. That’s why the Phoenix axles have thicker axle shafts built with heat-treated chromoly.

If you’re upgrading your rig, skipping the axles is one of the worst decisions you can make. Check out the Assault Industries Phoenix axles and grease so that you can spend all day on the trail without worrying about parts breaking.

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