Watch Can-Am Show You How To Change SXS Diff Oil

Can-Am’s maintenance video series tackles a critical component.

Keeping after your diff oil maintenance is critical to your side-by-side’s health. Can-Am is here to help.Can-Am

Finding every drain hole and fill plug on a side-by-side takes some doing, as we found out last summer on our 2020 Can-Am Maverick X3 X RS Turbo RR. For rigs that regularly see nasty conditions, mud, dirt, dust, and heat, it’s critical to keep after maintenance on your rig to avoid otherwise unnecessary repairs.

The list of stuff you need to do the job is mercifully short.Can-Am

Can-Am has a series of videos to help the DIYer keep their rig topped off and on the appropriate maintenance schedule over on their YouTube channel. This video goes over proper procedure for changing the front diff fluid in a Maverick Sport. There will be slight differences from one machine to the next, but the principles are the same.

Can-Am notes doing this service every year, 100 hours, or 2,000 miles in hard riding, whichever comes first. If for some reason you are gentle on your machine, Can-Am says it’s fine to push that out to 200 hours, 4,000 miles, or two years.

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