Watch 4WD 24/7 Get Stranded in the Simpson Desert

Running low on food, fuel, and water. Can the crew make it out?

Will 4WD 24/7 make it out of the Simpson Desert?4WD 24/7

After a trip to the States, the 4WD 24/7 boys are back in their home continent of Australia. For this adventure, the crew is making their way through the Simpson Desert via the Madigan Line. If you’re not familiar with the route, the Madigan is one of the longest and most difficult trails across the Simpson. Not only do you need sharp off-roading skills, but you need to ration food and water and bring enough fuel to make it across. And if you run out of any supplies while crossing, you’re stranded.

The crew had been on track to make it to Birdsville on time, but with just 100 kilometers (62 miles) left, a flash storm had halted their progress. The rain turned the route into a watery mess, making the trail nearly impossible. They could wait out the storm and hope that the trail would dry out in a few days, but limited rations wouldn’t allow that. So instead of pushing through the sludge of the Madigan, the crew decided to take an alternate route. The new trail added an extra 500 kilometers (311 miles), but it was their only way out.

Check out the video below to see how they make it out of the Madigan, and if you aren’t up to date with 4WD 24/7, watch the first Simpson Desert video before this one.

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