Watch Cleetus McFarland Bolt Tracks to His Sand Car

700 hp on snow. What could go wrong?

Best not to ask questions. Just let the madness unfold.Cleetus McFarland

It’s one thing to put tracks on a side-by-side when you live in a snowy climate. Hell, if you live far enough back in the woods, it actually makes sense. Last year we got our hands on a tracked Can-Am Defender HD10 Lone Star Edition and loved it. Even in near-blizzard conditions, we were out of the weather, dry, and had the heat blasting. And we were running a snow groomer to keep the ski trails open.

Between the tracks sits a 700 hp LS engine. Should be more than enough to get the skis in the air.Cleetus McFarland

But what if you don’t have a side-by-side handy and you still want to play outside when the weather gets cold? If you’re Cleetus McFarland, you have your buddy strap a set of Can-Am snow tracks to your 700 hp sand car. And once the fab work is done, there isn’t much left but to go out and see if you can get the rig to pull snow wheelies.

McFarland had Diesel Dave of Diesel Brothers fame undertake the work on a sand ripper he bought earlier this year, and the results are hilarious. No wheelies yet, but somehow the machine actually works, which is a surprise in and of itself.

Apparently there are more shenanigans to come with this thing, but for now just marvel at the redneck engineering masterpiece.

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