Episode 2 of “RZR Xperiences” Rides With Dianna Dahlgren

If you own a SxS, this is what you wish you were doing right now.

Episode 2 of RZR Xperiences with Dianna Dahlgren.Polaris

Last November, Polaris launched yet another video series called RZR Xperiences. The premise couldn’t be simpler: Get a few people in a few of the new RZR XPs and hit the trails in the care of a veteran guide. Episode 1 had Tanner Foust hosting his pro-skateboarder friend Ryan Sheckler and three of Sheckler’s pals for a day’s riding on trails outside Sacramento, California.

Episode 2 is finally out, and this one has Casey Currie hosting Miss Supercross Dianna Dahlgren and her husband Ryan Bates, along with their friends Taylor Leigh and Andrew Arrabito.

What’s interesting about RZR Xperiences is that there’s no intense drama involved. No extreme builds, just store-bought RZRs. No monologues about courage and fear and freedom. No big air except the fresh kind the backwoods bask in. And the views here don’t get counted, just commented on—all of the comments are good.

Guide Billy Slade takes Currie and company out on trails in Southern California, outside Big Bear overlooking the Johnson Valley where King of the Hammers happens. During some interludes, Bates and Arrabito, both former Navy Seals, talk about using utes in Afghanistan, Leigh finds a snake—or maybe not, and Dahlgren talks about how she got to be a five-time Miss Supercross.

The series should really be called, “What You Wish You Were Doing With Your SxS Right Now,” because that’s what this is, a great day out with great friends. Have a watch, then maybe make similar plans for your own crew this weekend.