Watch Grind Hard Plumbing Company Upgrade Its Barbie Jeep

The latest project features a KTM 525 engine.

The KTM-swapped Barbie Jeep.Grind Hard Plumbing Company

Grind Hard Plumbing Company’s Barbie Jeep is notorious for being one of the strangest builds on the internet. Grind Hard started the project by swapping the Barbie Jeep’s battery-powered motor to a 450cc Honda engine that it had laying around. Now, the crew gave the Jeep an upgrade by swapping the Honda engine out for a 525cc KTM engine.

The new engine was more than just some extra power, though. Since the engine is newer than the Honda, it also came with an electric starter and a reverse gear. After some custom CAD and fabrication work to make engine brackets, the little Barbie Jeep ripped even better than before. Check out Grind Hard Plumbing Company’s video below to see the full build.

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