Watch Grind Hard Plumbing Build the World’s Fastest Shopping Cart

A 900cc Honda engine powers the tiny machine.

The 900cc shopping cart.Grind Hard Plumbing Company

Have you ever thought to yourself, “I wonder what the most insane custom build in the world is,” and spent a good chunk of time trying to find it? Well, look no further than Grind Hard Plumbing Company’s YouTube channel.

Its recent build features a 900cc Honda CBR motorcycle engine bolted onto a shopping cart. But it wasn’t just that easy. To make it work, Grind Hard had to fabricate a frame from the ground up. A week of work went into making the cart run, and when the crew was done, the cart ripped. Well, it ripped for about 15 minutes until the engine grenaded.

The crew still has huge plans for the cart though, which include actual suspension parts and a new, more reliable engine. Check out the glory of the 900cc shopping cart below.

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