Watch This vs. That Go Electric With the Sierra Echo

The electric Sierra Echo that Lucy Block drove at Pikes Peak hits the whoops.

On paper, this was an excellent race. But what’s written down doesn’t always match what happens.Hoonigan

Hoonigan’s This Vs. That went electric this week, pitting the Block Edition Sierra Echo Pikes Peak car against a Kibbetech-built Chevrolet Silverado pre-runner. The all-electric Sierra Echo is the open-wheel rally rig that Lucy Block, widow of Ken Block, raced up Pikes Peak this year. Packing 300 hp in a 1,500-pound package, it’s a weapon.

Not great.Hoonigan

Except, apparently, when you try to jump it. The first round of the drag race goes terribly for the Echo. It sent it a little too hard on the first jump, nosing in and breaking at least one front control arm. Needless to say, the big Chevy faced no such trouble, then made the whoops look like cobblestones.

The Sierra Echo got repaired quickly, but the second race doesn’t go any better, with the machine either running out of charge or breaking something else on the second run. Winner: Silverado. Check out the video for the full story.

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