The Sierra Echo Block Edition Is a Cheap Electric Supercar

1,350 pounds, 300 hp, $39,000.

It wears the name of the late Ken Block, and it puts on a show that would make him proud.Sur Ronster

Until now it has been hard to imagine an EV that would fully satisfy car enthusiasts’ desires for a sprightly, lightweight, quick sports car. EVs have always been plenty fast, but the weight of batteries has made them ungainly, and they always feel like they’re working hard to isolate you from the driving experience, rather than let you embrace it.

Enter, Sierra Echo. The car company has set out with electric motor manufacturer Hypercraft to build a tarmac and gravel rallycross car that is fast, lightweight, and cheap. After the video, we’re pretty sure they’ve done it. The clip shows off the Sierra Echo Block Edition, named for late Hoonigan and rally driver Ken Block. It’s the car his wife, Lucy, sprinted up Pikes Peak earlier this year.

Also, it does sick jumps.Sur Ronster

We won’t spoil the video, but suffice it to say that this car looks like an incredibly good time. With that price tag, it’s in the same realm as the Polaris RZR Pro R and Can-Am Maverick R, but without the noise and emissions.

Check it out. The future, it seems, is bright.

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