Watch the First-Ever Super Bowl Ad for a Side-By-Side

Kawasaki Ridge ad features a bear and Stone Cold growing mullets.

Goobers enter Kawasaki Ridge, spontaneously grow mullets.Kawasaki

Kawasaki will run the first Super Bowl ad for a side-by-side this year with a spot for the new Ridge rec-ute machine. The spot will feature Stone Cold Steve Austin, a grizzly bear, a bald eagle, and two random goobers spontaneously sprouting mullets as they interact with the Ridge.

Bear sees Kawasaki Ridge, spontaneously grows mullet.Kawasaki

According to Kawi execs, the idea was as simple as it sounds: The mullet is Extremely American. Side-by-sides are Extremely American. The Ridge is a “business in the front, party in the back” kind of machine. The mullet is that ethos in haircut form. Stone Cold Steve Austin is A) rad, B) famously bald, and C) could only be cooler with a mullet. The dots weren’t hard to connect.

Stone Cold Steve Austin sees Kawasaki Ridge, spontaneously grows mullet.Kawasaki

The spot itself is actually pretty entertaining, which given its significance is kind of beside the point. We’re not huge football fans, but we’ll be tuning in to Super Bowl LVIII on February 11 just to keep an eye out for the Kawasaki spot. In case you can’t watch the game, you can check out the full ad at the link.

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