Kioti Tractor Introduces HVAC to K9 2400 Utility Rig

Working outside just got a little more comfortable.

The 2023 Kioti K9 2400 Cab is now available with HVAC.Kioti Tractor

Kioti Tractor has added a climate-controlled cab option to its K9 2400 utility side-by-side, giving the bare-bones utility machine a welcome comfort option. Kioti’s side-by-sides are utility rigs through and through, with the K9 2400, the most powerful machine in the lineup, making just 24 hp from an inline three-cylinder diesel engine.

But in hotter climates and in the summer months, utility work is downright awful if you don’t have a means to cool off, and can be dangerous if conditions are right. So having HVAC in a work machine is more than just a convenience.

The K9 2400 is limited to just 31 mph, but has selectable 2WD and 4WD, with a limited-slip front differential and a mechanically locking rear diff. With a 1,750-pound payload, 1,300-pound towing capacity, and 12.5 inches of ground clearance, it’s down a bit on competitors from the likes of Kubota, but still makes a compelling case as a capable budget utility machine. The HVAC just makes the package that much more enticing.

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