Octane Lending Introduces Prequal Flex

UTV Driver parent company launches new soft-pull credit tool.

Octane Lending just launched Prequal Flex, a dealer-specific prequalification tool.Octane Lending

Octane Lending, UTV Driver’s parent company, just launched a new product called Prequal Flex, a soft-pull financing tool unique to individual dealerships. Prequal Flex is a dedicated website for participating dealers that lets customers prequalify for financing as they browse the showroom or before they arrive. The product extends the capability of Octane’s proprietary soft-pull credit check technology.

Basically, Prequal Flex leverages Octane’s tech to let you know quickly how much financing you qualify for through Octane’s lender Roadrunner Financial without dinging your credit score. Prequal Flex further streamlines the lending process at the dealer, so you can get from shopping to rolling as efficiently as possible.

And if you decide the timing isn’t right to make a purchase, you’re not going to be penalized on your next credit report.

Full disclosure: Octane Lending owns UTV Driver, and its products pay our bills.

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