Watch a Polaris Ranger Go Full Tractor Mode

Samuel Moore uses a Polaris Ranger as a cultivator and planter.

Professional hunter Samuel Moore uses a Polaris Ranger to cultivate, till, and plant his whitetail deer food plot.Polaris

Side-by-sides are a well-established hunting tool at this point, but usually people assume that means you use a side-by-side to get to and from your tree stand and to move quarry from the woods to your truck or house. But professional hunter Samuel Moore uses his Polaris Ranger for way more than just transportation.

The Polaris accessories catalog lets Moore put the Ranger to work as a tractor as well as a hauler.Polaris

Moore maintains just under an acre as a food plot every year, a means to attract deer to a hunting spot. It requires almost as much cultivation as a hobby farm. With the hunting season past, Moore mows, cultivates, tills, and replants the plot every year to keep up its quality and production.

Instead of a small tractor, though, Moore relies on a 2023 Polaris Ranger NorthStar Edition and a bunch of trailer hitch-mounted accessories from the Polaris parts catalog. Without changing machines, he can cultivate, till, and seed his food plot in the same rig he’ll use in the fall to get to and from his treestand.

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