Watch Polaris Shop Talk Walk You Through the Ranger XP Kinetic

Polaris engineer Pat McArdle shows us how the Ranger Kinetic works.

See that stack of pancakes? That’s the beating heart of the Polaris Ranger XP Kinetic. It’s one of about a half-dozen major drivetrain components.Polaris

Every time a new electric vehicle comes out, someone is there to tell us how the simplicity of an electric drivetrain is a huge benefit versus the internal combustion equivalent. There are fewer moving parts, which means less maintenance and, presumably, better reliability. That’s all well and good, but without a breakdown of how the EV drivetrain works, it’s hard to understand just how simple the operation is.

Polaris engineer Pat McArdle explains how current runs from your wall socket to the battery pack.Polaris

Enter Polaris, who has dedicated one of its Shop Talk YouTube videos to explaining just how the new Ranger Kinetic works. For the uninitiated, it sure seems like there’s a lot going on, but watch the video carefully. Really, we’re talking about a half-dozen parts that make up the system. Compare that to the dozens of parts that go into an internal combustion engine.

From the charger to the batteries, the battery controller, the motor, the motor controller, and the transmission, we’re looking at six parts. Hit the video to see McArdle explain how they all work together. Even if EVs aren’t for you, it’s worth your time.

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