Watch Project Farm Test MORR’s Kinetic Rope

Is Matt’s recovery rope really the best?

Is Matt’s Off-Road Recovery rope the best?Project Farm

We know Matt’s Off-Road Recovery as the guru of all things recovery gear, so when he endorses a product like a kinetic rope, we should assume that it’s good. But how does it hold up when compared to the other brands? Project Farm has helped us out with that question by testing each one in real-world situations, like trying to pull a Winnebago out of a pond.

Is Matt’s Off-Road Recovery rope really the best? Does it even compare to other big hitters like Rhino, BubbaRope, and Smittybilt? Check out Project Farm’s video to see for yourself. Even if you don’t use a kinetic rope, it’s still amusing watching Project Farm pull a camper van out of a pond.

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