Segway and Evolution Powersports To Show Off Modified Villain

Brands will show off a turbo’d Segway Villain at Sand Sports Super Show.

A teaser image of the Evolution Powersports–tuned Segway Villain coming to Sand Sports Super Show.Segway

Segway has partnered with Evolution Powersports (EVP) to develop a line of aftermarket goodies for the Segway Villain SX10 side-by-side. The highlight of the collaboration is a bolt-on, intercooled turbo system that the Beijing company says is good for 40 percent more horsepower than stock. That should settle out to right around 150 hp at the crank, which puts the Villain within spitting distance of rivals from Can-Am and Polaris and well beyond the likes of the Honda Talon and Yamaha YXZ1000R.

The stock Segway Villain gets 105 hp from a 1,000cc parallel twin. The Evolution Powersports turbo kit bumps the power output by 40 percent, according to Segway.Segway

Segway and EVP will be showing off a fully customized Villain at the Sand Sports Super Show this weekend at booth 9100-LI. Along with the big turbo, the Villain will be decked out with an EVP-designed ECU tune, an EVP exhaust, and EVP clutching components designed to get the most out of the Villain’s CVT.

Segway has so far only shared a teaser image of the machine, so we’ll have to wait till after the show to see how the machine looks with all the goodies bolted on. From the teaser image, it looks like Segway and EVP focused their energy on performance and kept the cosmetics pretty simple. Stay tuned for a closer look at the rig when Segway pulls the wraps off next week.

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