SXSBlog’s 400-hp Can-Am Maverick Is Predictably Insane

With more turbo and a nitrous bottle, this thing has everything but traction.

That isn’t a powerslide. It’s what the NX3 does from a launch.SXSBlog

SXSBlog started a journey to revive one of its oldest rigs, a Can-Am Maverick X3 RS Turbo RR that years ago had been modified with a nitrous bottle. The resulting build, dubbed the NX3, promised to be absolutely bananas, and it delivered.

The cloud of snow means a cyclone.SXSBlog

The revival involved an engine rebuild, and some turbo mods that have the thing pushing a cool 400 ponies. Not only is it fast as hell, it is also the coolest sounding Can-Am we have ever heard.

…And the cyclone means a rollover.SXSBlog

But this wouldn’t be SXSBlog without a bunch of jumps, wide-open throttle pulls, cyclones, and a wreck. The video delivers all of that, from a marauding Polaris Pro R to the NX3′s inevitable dirt nap, aided by rutted-out Michigan snow and the excitement of the first ride with new parts. Check out the video, the sounds alone are worth your time.

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