Watch SXSBlog Roll Up to Glamis With a Modified Maverick R

Dune season has officially kicked off and SXSBlog celebrated in style.

New graphics, a new cage, and a Shock Therapy suspension tune should set the Maverick R up very nicely.SXSBlog

SXSBlog has wasted no time in pushing their 2024 Can-Am Maverick R past its stock configuration. They’ve had it for about a month, but ahead of the kickoff of dune season in Glamis, they sent it in for some key mods. First on the list was a new cage from TMW Off-road, which is not only slightly stronger than stock, it’s a good bit sleeker.

The new cage is sleeker, less bulky, and adds a nice color contrast. Apparently the “Canada” graphics are a joke, but the punchline is lost on us.SXSBlog

With the rollover protection mods done, they had Shock Therapy work their magic with the stock Fox dampers. The work meant new springs and valving, which we imagine set the rig up nicely for its Glamis-spec paddle tire setup. We would have loved to have seen the rig in a little bit more detail, but apparently something went awry filming in the dunes. Hey, it happens.

We also like the addition of custom “Canada” graphics in place of the original Can-Am stickers. This apparently passes for humor. We don’t get the joke, but to each their own. With any luck we get to see the rig doing some proper ripping soon.

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