Watch SXSBlog Reassemble a YXZ From the Frame Up

The YXZ gets a new frame.

How hard can rebuilding a YXZ from the ground up be?SXSBlog

The famous highway crash that damaged almost all of SXSBlog’s rigs blew up the internet back in 2022, and while most of the vehicles were brought back to their former glory, the Yamaha YXZ that was a staple in the SXSBlog fleet was forgotten for newer projects. That was until a few months ago when the crew decided to take on the project of restoring it.

The big issue with the YXZ as opposed to the other side-by-sides in the crash was that the force from the impact bent its frame, not just the ROPS, which could be replaced in an afternoon. This meant that SXSBlog would essentially be building a 2016 Yamaha YXZ from the ground up, which is no easy task. 2022 was also near the peak of the auto industry’s supply chain issues, so parts were almost impossible to get ahold of. But two years later, SXSBlog was able to order a frame through Power Sports Nation.

Now there is nothing left to do but to get to work on rebuilding the side-by-side. The engine and transmission went in first, then both differentials, and before the day was over the bucket of parts that they started with was becoming something that resembled a vehicle.

SXSBlog still has a long way to go before the YXZ is back on the trails, but you can keep up with their progress. Check out the video below for the full first day of putting the YXZ back together.

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