Watch TFLtruck’s Deep Dive on the New Land Cruiser

Smaller, cheaper, hybrid Land Cruiser shows all kinds of promise.

With a throwback profile, a smaller footprint, and a lower asking price, the 2024 Toyota Land Cruiser carries huge promise.TFLtruck

The American-market 2024 Toyota Land Cruiser might be the most exciting road vehicle we have seen this year. With looks that hearken back to the mid-1980s FJ60 series Cruisers, a hugely powerful hybrid drivetrain, a decidedly utilitarian bent, and an MSRP that is one whole Honda Civic below the 200 Series Cruisers that left the market last year, there’s lots to be stoked about.

Because we’re a side-by-side publication, we didn’t get asked to attend the launch of the new Cruiser, but TFLtruck did, and its YouTube walkaround is the most comprehensive look at the rig we have seen yet. The more expensive trims look great, but the one we’re really interested in, and the one TFL crawled all over, is the base-model Land Cruiser 1958.

It carries the same powertrain as the rest of the lineup, but wears round headlights, simple black bumpers, and a glorious-looking cloth interior. We’ll leave it to TFL to go over all the gory details with you, but if the base-model trucks actually stay near their mid-$50,000 starting price once dealers get hold of them, it’s hard to imagine a more appealing new rig.

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