Watch TFLtruck Test Turbo Mills From Ram and Ford

Is the Hurricane six a worthy competitor to the EcoBoost?

The Ram 1500 and Ford F-150 both get power from turbocharged six-cylinder engines. But which is better?TFLtruck

Ford led the light-duty truck segment into the turbocharged future in 2011 when it rolled out the original EcoBoost twin-turbo V-6 in the F-150. The V-8s were still available, but the EcoBoost family quickly became the most popular option, making it the bestselling engine in the bestselling vehicle in the US. Fast-forward 13 years, and the 3.5-liter EcoBoost is good for 400 hp and 500 lb.-ft. of torque and a claimed 24 mpg highway.

But the turbocharger revolution is old news at this point, and every half-ton available has a smaller-displacement turbo mill available. The latest is the Ram 1500′s new twin-turbo Hurricane inline-six. The boosted sixer is replacing the V-8 in the Ram lineup, so if you’re after a new Ram 1500, this is the mill you’ll get.

TFLtruck recently put the Hurricane and the EcoBoost head-to-head in a gas mileage and acceleration test around Denver, Colorado. The two trucks were essentially right on top of each other in the fuel mileage loop, but the Ram had a handy edge in acceleration. Check out the video to get the full story.

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