Watch Top Gear Rip Around in the Wildest Off-Road Porsche 911

Singer and Tuthill teamed up to show off what a Porsche side-by-side could be.

Long, beautiful slides are the Singer 911 ACS’ wheelhouse. But they’re not its only trick.Top Gear

Singer has been kicking out seven-figure Porsche 911s for years now. Its “Porsche 911 Reimagined by Singer” line has become so famous and popular that the brand has almost become shorthand for any high-end resto-mod. Its latest creation takes its creativity and attention to detail and puts them into what is a more or less Dakar-ready Porsche 911. The company got help with the chassis and powertrain engineering from Richard Tuthill, a UK-based engineer whose Tuthill Porsche builds its own wild 911 resto-mods.

All the body panels are carbon fiber. The front bumper was milled from a single piece of aluminum. As fast as it is, the true beauty of the ACS is in the tiny details.Top Gear

The result of their collab is the Singer 911 ACS, or All-terrain Competition Study, a lifted 911 with a turbo’d 3.6-liter flat six with a sequential gearbox, two dampers at each corner, and a carbon fiber body. The car costs many millions of dollars, and there are only two of them—this one and a more tarmac-oriented version. But the cost and scarcity doesn’t keep the ACS’ owner from enjoying the car in its element, and that’s a very good thing.

It might be worth a few million bucks, but it will absolutely shred whoops.Top Gear

Just check out the clip. With anywhere from 450 to 600 hp depending on its state of tune, and suspension straight out of a Dakar Rally T1 car, there’s basically nothing the ACS cannot handle. And while neon orange is usually looked at as a controversial choice, it is absolutely beautiful.

Intrigued? Take a look at the video. You won’t be mad you took the time.

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