World’s Largest Off-Road Wrecker Nears Completion

The build is now down to needing small parts and finishing touches.

Work continues apace on the World’s Largest Off-Road Wrecker.Matt’s Off-Road Recovery

It has been almost a full year since Matt’s Off-Road Recovery started work on the World’s Largest Off-Road Wrecker, a fully custom, from-scratch tow truck build to help the recovery crew rescue people stranded in seemingly impossible places. Now, finally, the machine is nearing completion, and Matt and company are building the final small but important bits that will make the machine as stout as it can be.

In this week’s episode, the crew gets a sturdy set of pinion guards installed on the wrecker, and shows the process of taking a bracket from conception to cardboard template to CAD design to components to a finished piece. It’s a complicated operation, and it explains a lot about how this rig came out so well. Hit the link to check out the latest.

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