Matt Explains the World’s Largest Off-Road Wrecker

The Matt’s Off-Road Recovery team’s latest video explains the issues.

The world’s largest off-road wrecker.Matt’s Off-Road Recovery/YouTube

Sometimes an off-road recovery requires more than just a pull. For that, Matt’s Off-Road Recovery has some serious tools in its toolbox: the Morrvair and the “Banana” XJ Cherokee, among others. But some recoveries require heavy lifting, and for those tricky situations the MORR crew is in the process of building what it is billing as the world’s largest off-road wrecker. But as they’re finding out, progress doesn’t always come in a straight line, and they’re experiencing just that with their latest project.

The wrecker build is a full-on, ground-up project. Starting with bare metal, they crafted a frame, created mounting points for the suspension, and are going so far as to install a built engine from a rusted-out Suburban. Yet there have been some issues along the way, and in their latest video, Matt and the MORR team delve into some of the hiccups they’ve encountered. They also answer some of the hard-hitting questions that viewers are wondering about, helping clue us in on some of the more intricate pieces of the build.

From changing spark plugs to the location of the engine and cab to how and where the boom will sit, this video is a deep dive into the mindset and intentions for the world’s largest wrecker. Join in on the fun in the video below.