The Ram Revolution EV Pickup Is Going To Be Bananas

Ram’s EV truck concept is holding nothing back.

The Ram Revolution EV pickup concept looks like an absolute weapon, and promises to be a formidable rig if all of Chrysler’s claims come true.Ram

Well, folks, the EV pickup wars are officially upon us. Hot on the heels of Chevrolet’s unveiling of the 2024 Chevrolet Silverado EV, Ram has dropped a long teaser video showing off its Ram Revolution EV pickup concept. And, if you can get past Chrysler’s hilarious claim that the most recent Ram 1500 “redefined what a pickup truck can be,” the Revolution concept looks like an excellent machine.

The Revolution concept has something called Shadow mode, which evidently will have the truck follow you around the property or job site so your stuff is always close at hand.Ram

As with the Silverado EV, the Ram will feature a folding midgate, allowing you to drop the divider between the cab and bed to carry much longer loads than the de rigueur short box will allow. Added to that, the Revolution has a built-in powered bed extender, which will enlarge the bed from 5 feet, 7 inches long to an even 8 feet. With the midgate folded down, Ram claims the truck has a bananas 18 feet of pass-through storage.

We expect the exterior projector will be put to more use as a makeshift drive-in theater than a blueprint display module, but either way it’s a cool concept.Ram

The technology promises to be dazzling, too, with Ram incorporating biometric recognition to the truck. That means the truck will recognize its driver before they get in and adjust interior settings to their preferences. The video also claims the truck will feature two-factor authentication, but doesn’t elaborate on exactly how that will work. The long list of whiz-bang tech features goes on to include an exterior projector, and modes where the truck will follow you at a distance as you walk around a property or job site.

Simple dash, huge central screen, big glass panoramic roof. The Ram Revolution has taken plenty of cues from other EVs.Ram

Underneath all that tech will sit Ram’s next generation body-on-frame platform, which Ram is calling STLA. There’s no word yet on powertrain, battery life, or availability, but so far we’re intrigued.

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