“Way of the Hunter” Adds Free UTV Game Update

Hunting gamers can now download a UTV in “Way of the Hunter.”

Nine Rocks Games has added a free UTV download to the DLC of “Way of the Hunter.”THQ Nordic

Nine Rocks Games just made “Way of the Hunter” a little bit more realistic and the gameplay a bit more varied by adding a free UTV to the game’s DLC. Hunters have been relying on UTVs to get to and from their hunting spots and to retrieve game for as long as UTVs have been for sale. Now you can add the convenience of a UTV to your virtual hunts. The DLC is available for PC, PlayStation 5, and XBox Series X/S.

Judging by the video showing gameplay clips, the UTV isn’t limited to just getting you to and from your virtual hunting grounds. If you’re in-game and don’t feel like hunting, or you aren’t having any luck and get bored, go see what you can jump a UTV off of.

The UTV in question appears to be a camo 2022 Polaris General. It’s cool to see the game incorporate an actual UTV, rather than a game designer’s imagined version of what a UTV is. If you have “Way of the Hunter,” it’s definitely worth hitting up your DLC for this update.

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