YouTube Lunatic Building an Off-Road Hellcat

Westen Champlin is at it again with a 4x4 Challenger Hellcat.

Most people would be totally stoked just to have a stock 2017 Dodge Challenger Hellcat. Not Westen Champlin.Westen Champlin

Most of the time, YouTube is pretty annoying. As with anything that experiences a meteoric rise to popularity, the platform has reached the point that most of its content is tired, rehashed, overenthusiastic garbage created by rubes masquerading as experts. And at first blush, this video is but another voice in a chorus of idiocy.

…But what if we put 35s on it though?Westen Champlin

But if you look a little deeper, you’ll see that it is actually a slightly louder voice in a chorus of idiocy. And the idiocy is absolutely beautiful. Rednecks have been dropping muscle car bodies onto four-wheel-drive frames for decades, but Westen Champlin’s latest build is the ultimate version of that ethos. He’s bolting Ford F-350 axles and a custom tube frame under a perfectly good 2017 Dodge Challenger Hellcat.

Custom frame, couple of F-350 axles, boom. Just that easy.Westen Champlin

And despite the absolute dyed-in-the-wool redneckosity of this choice, there’s a ton of skilled fabrication and engineering that had to go into this build. The video cuts before we get to any glorious moving shots of the beast in 4x4 mode, but the build is damned impressive for a bunch of country boys in a barn in Oklahoma.

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