Tracked Can-Am Defender Gallery

A closer look at Alpine Falls Ranch’s tracked Can-Am.

We got our hands on a tracked 2020 Can-Am Defender Max HD10 in Montana last month. We found that the tracks transform the big Can-Am into an absolute monster in snowy conditions. Where the stock machine barely made it 50 yards in a 6-inch snowfall, the tracked machine is nigh on unstoppable. Check it out below.

Installing the tracks is shockingly simple. With a couple of people the job can be accomplished in an hour or less.Camden Thrasher
With thick, wet snow slamming down, we turned to the Defender.Camden Thrasher
Although the tracks drastically increase capability and traction, handling cannot help but suffer.Camden Thrasher
The reason the tracks work is pretty simple. Bigger contact patch means more grip, and much more even weight distribution.Camden Thrasher
Why try and navigate snowy roads in a truck when you can get exactly where you want to go with a set of tracks?Camden Thrasher
Alpine Falls Ranch employs a pair of tracked Defenders to support their wintertime operations, from shuttling guests to plowing snow to grooming trails.Camden Thrasher
The tracks bolt to the standard Can-Am wheel studs, then use a plate that bolts to the lower control arm and some steering-limiting cables.Camden Thrasher
Even with a heavy snow groomer behind it, the tracked Defender never flinched.Camden Thrasher
The business end of the track is much wider and flatter than a tire tread, spreading weight and increasing grip.Camden Thrasher

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