Polaris Pro R Factory Photo Gallery

Polaris’ purpose-built race rig is ready to do battle.

Polaris just unveiled the RZR Pro R Factory, the first-ever UTV purpose-built by a factory to support its racing efforts. Based on the wildly fast and capable 2023 Polaris RZR Pro R, the RZR Pro R Factory will debut in competition later this month at the San Felipe 250.

The changes to the rig are mostly chassis, suspension, and transmission modifications to beef it up in some ways and slim it down in others for desert racing. Stay tuned for more details on this gnarly machine, but for now sit back and enjoy some detailed shots of the Pro R Factory.

Associate Editor Jackson Cooper got an up-close look at the Pro R Factory this week in California.Jackson Cooper
The Pro R Factory wears 35-inch BFGoodrich tires wrapped around Method Race wheels, which are suspended by Fox 3.0 Live Valve shocks controlled by a race-tuned version of Polaris Dynamix DV.Jackson Cooper
Polaris says the lion’s share of the differences between a stock Pro R and the Pro R Factory are in the chassis. The engine got better cooling but appears largely stock.Polaris
Racing seats, harnesses, and the racing steering wheel all came from Sparco.Polaris
From the outside, it’s obvious that the Pro R Factory has a reworked roll cage compared with the stock rig, and Polaris says changes to the chassis were aimed at durability and improving power-to-weight ratio.Polaris
Polaris built four examples of the RZR Pro R Factory this year. No word on whether it plans to build more.Polaris
The wheelbase and suspension layout look similar to the RZR Pro R, but past that the RZR Pro R Factory appears unlike anything else we have seen from Polaris.Polaris
The Pro R Factory wears desert-specific tires mounted on Method Race wheels that use Bead Grip Technology in place of full-on beadlocks.Polaris
An up-close look at the rear of the vehicle shows there’s very little of the chassis that came off a stock Pro R. The engine and the shocks should be familiar, though.Polaris
Rigid Industries handles the off-road lighting for the Pro R Factory. Also, look at how pretty those welds are. We’re glad Polaris chose not to cover them with paint.Polaris
The doors and bodywork were designed to hold the driver inside the machine, not make ingress and egress easier.Polaris
As in the stock Pro R, the clutch and belt drive live behind the driver, and Polaris spent extra time on the Pro R Factory making sure the driveline was easily accessible and serviceable in a race.Polaris

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