2025 Polaris RZR XP Gallery

A better look at the updated RZR XP and XP 4.

Polaris has just unveiled the 2025 RZR XP. With new graphics and updated features on the redesign that rolled out last year, the 2025 RZR XP is an evolution of a design we called a home run. Here’s a closer look at the 2025 RZR XP and XP 4.

The 2025 RZR XP 4 Sport in Polaris Blue.Polaris
The 2025 XP Sport is the base-model XP.Polaris
The 2025 RZR XP Sport starts at $19,999, which is a $1,000 decrease from 2024.Polaris
If you have a family to take along on your trail rides, you can opt for the XP 4 for two extra rear seats.Polaris
Live in cold, hot, dusty, or wet climates? You can add on windows and windshields to protect yourself and your passengers from the elements.Polaris
Polaris’ accessory parts catalog has add-ons like rock sliders, fender liners, bumpers, and winches.Polaris
The 2025 Polaris RZR XP Premium in Storm Gray.Polaris
The 2025 XP Premium now comes with Ride Command from the factory.Polaris
The Premium trim is a small bump up from the Sport trim, adding 30-inch tires, Ride Command, and the Storm Gray with red color for a $2,000 markup.Polaris
Not only will 30-inch tires help when the trail gets technical, but it will also keep the XP steady at high speeds.Polaris
The Trail Master X/T tires will eat up almost anything you can throw at it, red dirt included.Polaris
High-speed rides not your style? You can outfit the RZR XP however you want, even being able to turn it into a mudding rig straight from the factory.Polaris
Why keep just one set of tires? Polaris offers Pro Armor mud XC tires along with the standard Pro Armor Crawlers so that you always have the right shoes for any situation.Polaris
Optional oversized fenders protect you from getting slapped in the face with dirt and mud.Polaris
Want the most capability out of your RZR XP? Go with the RZR XP Ultimate.Polaris
With Walker Evans Needle shocks, four-point harnesses, Ride Command, and a 4,500-pound winch, it’s hard to go wrong with the 2025 RZR XP Ultimate.Polaris
The RZR XP Ultimate comes in two colors, Polaris Blue and Storm Gray.Polaris
The 2025 RZR XP Ultimate starts at $24,999.Polaris
Premium LED lighting, color-matched springs and bumpers, and a sport poly roof all add to the XP Ultimate’s sharp styling.Polaris
The 16-point adjustable shocks means that you can set up your XP Ultimate to conquer any obstacle.Polaris
Up to 20.5 inches of usable travel helps stabilize the XP Ultimate in loose terrain.Polaris
The front storage compartment comes equipped with a 12V power outlet, allowing you to charge your devices while on the trail.Polaris
Polaris Ride Command comes standard on Premium and Ultimate models.Polaris
Premium styling and comfort make the interior of the XP a great place to spend an entire riding day.Polaris
Polaris Ride Command can pair with your friends’ Polaris side-by-sides, allowing your group to stay connected even if you lose sight of a vehicle.Polaris
Additional rear storage containers keep your group supplied and hydrated.Polaris
LED headlights and light bars make sure that you never lose visibility on the trail.Polaris
A Stage 3 Rockford Fosgate stereo comes standard on the Ultimate trim.Polaris
Optional zipping windows keep you safe from the elements, from dust to snow.Polaris

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