Can this company SAVE our Maverick R?

Getting a new ROPS for our beloved beast.

Accidents happen. Sometimes bad accidents happen. Sometimes you send a brand new Can-Am Maverick R a little too hard and end up rolling end over end, busting a radiator, and in need of a new roll cage. We fixed the radiator, but the ROPS was still looking a bit rough.

That’s why we stopped by Marshall, Texas to visit our friends at ThumperFab. They’ve helped us before when we wanted to deck out our Can-Am Defender, and they were just as excited to get to work on the Maverick R. We dropped it off back in the beginning of February, and they’ve been working on it since. They have to 3D scan it, design the cage from those scans, and fully fabricate the cage. Check out the video below to follow along with the process.

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