DOVE HUNTING with 24.7Hunt!

We spent opening weekend in Georgia with 24.7Hunt.

24.7Hunt is a minority-based outdoor brand that has built themselves around a tight-knit community. Based about an hour outside of Atlanta, the 24.7Hunt crew has dipped their feet in just about every market out there to help grow the brand. Social media, YouTube, merchandise and apparel, music, and even mobile games are just a few things that the brand participates in, and all based around one thing: hunting.

Can-Am and 24.7Hunt founder Ranar Moody invited us out to the 24.7Hunt annual Labor Day weekend dove hunt to see what they are all about. Just the reach of the brand astounded us, as hunters all over the U.S. made the trip to central Georgia just for the hunt. Check out the video below to see for yourself what goes on in a weekend with 24.7Hunt!

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