Bomb Squad Polaris RZR Wins the 2020 Baja 1000

Wes Miller and the Bomb Squad team took home the win after 935 dusty miles in Baja, Mexico.

The Bomb Squad RZR lifts a wheel in the Baja sand.Justin Coffey

After 935 dusty miles, it was Wes Miller's Bomb Squad Polaris RZR that took the checkered flag and Overall UTV Win at the 53rd running of the SCORE Baja 1000. A total of 44 UTV teams made the green flag in Ensenada, but only 19 would reach the checkers, proving that countless hours of preparation and prerunning are key to a good finish. "We came down and preran the racecourse over four days," Miller said. "I was stoked that they added a ton of new sections that we have never run in my 20-plus years of racing the Baja 1000."

The Bomb Squad RZR was 10th off the line and swiftly fought to the front of the pack, but the infamous Baja terrain eventually caught up to them—as it always does. “There was a big rain ditch on the outside of an off-camber, right-hand turn around race mile 247,” Miller said. “I was behind a truck with dust and the sun in my eyes. We hit a wall at the end of it and I think it’s the hardest I have ever hit something in a car.”

The RZR took a major hit around mile 247, but the team got it back in the race.Wes Miller

The RZR was still drivable as the team pushed on to its next pit stop to assess the damage, which consisted of a bent radius rod and a damaged A-arm heim joint. With repairs made, the RZR was back up to speed and still leading. At race mile 670, the team discovered two broken A-arm bolts. As the team made repairs, they learned the competition was closing in.

The Bomb Squad team celebrates at race finish.Justin Coffey

“We pushed as hard as we could to make time,” Miller said. “There were a ton of virtual checkpoints and many miles of speed zones, so there was always the possibility of some penalties. As we crossed the finish, I hoped that we had done enough.” The Bomb Squad RZR crossed the finish line with just 58 seconds to spare. “My crew did a great job and were a huge factor in our win,” Miller said. “What a way to finish off such a strange year. Bomb Squad 2021!”