KNine Racing Will Turn Your Can-Am X3 Into a Radder Raptor

How to outpunch Ford’s Raptor in many complicated steps.

Honey, I shrunk the…Raptor. KNine Racing has gone all out, creating a miniature Ford Raptor-aping off-road weapon based on the Can-Am Maverick X3, complete with heat and air conditioning.KNine Racing

The Ford F-150 Raptor has spent the last decade cementing itself as a factory off-road weapon, a legend in its own time for supplying the masses with Fox reservoir shocks on a vehicle with a factory warranty. Its slot in automotive lore next to the likes of the Baldwin-Motion Chevrolets and Mr. Norm's Dodges is well in hand.

Even with a full body and glassed-in cab, the KNine rigs come in at just 2,500 pounds, or less than half the weight of a real Raptor.KNine Racing

But even for all its prowess, using a 5,500-pound, $60,000-plus street pickup in anger has serious consequences, and if you're really going to push it, the big Ford leaves some agility and performance on the table. Enter KNine Racing. These heroes have spent the last couple of years turning the Can-Am Maverick X3 into a miniature version of Ford's bruiser.

KNine Racing does a lot more than just stick together a body kit. The Can-Am underneath gets a laundry list of mods to make the conversion sing.KNine Racing

KNine’s X3-based machine is way more than just a body kit. According to KNine’s Instagram page, the cabs are fully sealed with heat and air conditioning, but weigh in at just 2,500 pounds, or less than half the heft of a Ford Raptor. The result, KNine claims, will outdrag a 600 hp full-sizer to 100 mph.

The level of detail and craftsmanship here is truly fantastic.KNine Racing

Added to that, you get the X3’s suspension, which means no more pounding your bump stops into dust if you go airborne. Because the KNine rig is a shell over an existing Can-Am, if you ball it up, the repair bill won’t kill you.

The KNines first broke cover this time last year, but the company has kept up the momentum throughout the pandemic and says it is almost ready to drop more news. Stay tuned for more on these rad little rippers. In the meantime, check out KNine Racing's Instagram to see the incredible level of detail and design that goes into the machines.