S3 Power Sports’ Visions of Victory Series a Great Look at UTV Racing

Series goes behind the scenes with Can-Am racer Dustin Jones.

Follow Mint 400 winner Dustin Jones’ preparations for a new season in this compelling series.Can-Am

S3 Power Sports out of Shreveport, Louisiana, runs a team called S3 Racing. You’ve probably heard of their accomplishments even if you haven’t heard of the team: driver Dustin Jones, a Can-Am ambassador, won the last two runnings of the Mint 400 and won his class at this year’s King of the Hammers desert race. S3 Racing is covering its 2023 championship effort with a series called Visions of Victory. Two episodes in, we say it’s pretty good.

Episode 1 focuses on prepping and running the desert race: diagnosing the “new car blues” of fuel lines and experimenting with clutches, doing smooth pre-runs, then inexplicably breaking belts during the race. The efforts led to an eventual class victory. Episode 2 focuses on prepping and running the rock race—an effort that ran concurrent with the work being done ahead of the desert race in a different rig, leading to what the team called “a beat-down” that culminated in an 11th-place finish (sixth in class).

There’s a lot of coverage of UTV racing and a lot of team-centric videos about getting through a weekend, especially at KOH. Still, we’ve rarely come across videos that say so much so quickly, with real humans, no faking the drama, good racing bits, and some great shots.

These folks from Louisiana who began their careers mudding ATVs and decided while sitting around a campfire to go racing have a great story. They can tell a good story, too.

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