Here’s Everything You Need to Know About the Honda Talon!

From new suspension to a bargain price, there’s a lot to like.

We love the Honda Talon in all its guises. When we first moved UTV Driver to Knoxville, Tennessee in 2020, Honda sent us a pair of Talons to test for the best part of a year. We put them through Hell and back, from wheeling at Windrock to camping in West Virginia and lots of other adventures in between. We threw 32-inch tires on one rig and put a RoofNest rooftop tent on the other. We loved their ruggedness, capability, nimble handling, and the big fun from the parallel twin engine and dual-clutch transmission.

But time and tides wait for no side-by-side, and the world has moved on since the Talon was introduced back in 2019. Honda has made some key updates for 2023, and it’s time to see how the rig stacks up to more modern competition. Can you make an old side-by-side new?

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