6.7L Gasoline Cummins in Ram Trucks?

Reports say Cummins may produce a 6.7L gasoline engine.

The latest Cummins B6.7 Performance Series engine.Cummins

With the automotive world looking for ways to be more environmentally friendly, and fuel and emissions standards tightening, Cummins has announced that it is planning to create a 6.7-liter, gasoline-powered engine. It will be based on the current 6.7-liter diesel platform and Cummins says everything from the head gasket down will be similar to the diesel, with diesel-like performance and durability. The company is also looking into natural gas, hydrogen, and biopropane for its new fuel-agnostic approach.

Cummins’ new fuel-agnostic engine platforms are an industry first. Cummins designed each of the engines in the line with commonality in mind. These unified platforms will use engine blocks and core components that share a common architecture and will be optimized for different low-carbon fuel types. Cummins says the goal is to reduce the engines’—and the company’s—overall carbon footprint.

2022 Ram 2500.RAM

One could speculate that with Ram and Cummins’ long partnership history it only makes sense for the new 6.7-liter gasoline engine to make its debut in Ram’s HD trucks, but neither company has announced anything. For decades the HD Ram trucks have relied on Cummins to provide them with extremely reliable and capable diesel engines and, to us, it is exciting to see them make the move to new fuel options while maintaining their longevity and performance.

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