Happy Memorial Day

The team at UTV Driver wishes you and yours a happy and safe Memorial Day.

Especially this year, Memorial Day brings the promise of summer of cookouts, campfires, and long days on the trail. But before you pull your goggles on, take a second to recall those who gave all so we didn't have to.Kevan Ray

Feels like it happens quicker every year. One morning the dogwoods are flashing their buds against the frost, and the next the kids are out of school and the daylight stretches on forever. For most of us Memorial Day is the official start of Summer and all that season brings. Cookouts. Vacations. Good riding in green hills and swimming in clear, cool water. It’s easy to forget May 31st is about more than collectively taking a breath after a long winter of work.

These days, it’s easy to feel there’s less to bind us than there is to tear us apart. But the friends and family who gave their lives in service of this country knew better. They knew the promise of the United States of America is worth giving everything for. That at the end of the day, we are one people, united by something more powerful than a collective past. We’re wedded by the idea, the hope of something better. Memorial Day is for them. To say thank you for everything we have and everything we might become.

To those who sacrificed for the lives we lead, thank you.Kevan Ray

In that spirit, we’ll be on the trail, grateful for our place in the world and the people who made it possible. We’ll honor their sacrifice by reaching out to those who may look differently, speak differently, or vote differently from us. Because those old words have never been more true: United We Stand. Happy Memorial Day from everyone at UTV Driver.