Ken Block’s Custom Can-Am Defender Has 37-Inch Tractor Tires

S3 Power Sports builds Ken Block a custom Can-Am Defender Pro HD10 on 37-inch tractor tires.

Ken Block’s Can-Am Defender Pro HD10 on 37-inch tractor tires.YouTube

Ken Block knows nothing of subtlety. The rally driver turned internet sensation recently visited S3 Power Sports in Shreveport, Louisiana, to see how the mud community modifies their side-by-sides. Block’s most recent video breaks this build down for us, and to say they went to the extreme with a Can-Am Defender Pro HD10 would be a grand understatement.

Most are probably familiar with Block’s Gymkhana video series. Recently, he has expanded into other motorsports and powersports, notably partnering with Can-Am to showcase the company’s lineup of UTVs. The build comes in cooperation with S3 Power Sports, Monster Energy, and more.

This Defender stands on an in-house-designed suspension lift featuring arched A-arms for maximized clearance. Block points out the Fuel “donk wheels,” but the kicker is the 37-inch tires. These are actual tractor tires. The massive lugs are crucial for getting through the swamp, so it makes perfect sense. Other special touches are present to differentiate this from other Defenders, and we doubt anyone will have trouble picking this out from the rest.

Block goes deep in the Can-Am Defender Pro HD10.YouTube

“I’m really out of my element,” Block says as they discuss the ins and outs of the deep mud riding this part of the country is famous for. He deems this “the ultimate mud rig” and “the ultimate donk tractor.” They might be right. But how does it fare in the swamp? We will have to wait for the next video to find out.